A beautiful campaign against dowry, raised by UN Women Pakistan.

But Pakistanis have an amazing habit of destroying every beautiful thing and reducing its essence. Recently, I came across a few posts on Facebook and Twitter stating “Larke ka social status poochna band karo” and “Larke ka bank balance poochna band karo” etc. And someone went so far and even said “Har daari walay ko molvi bolna band karo” (Bhai uss k liye koi aur campaign shuru kar lo is campaign ko tou na kharab karo please ._. )

Jahez (Dowry) is something given to a wife at the time of marriage according to Hindu customs, because in Hinduism, property was given to female heirs in inheritance at the time of their wedding (Before Hindu Succession Act 1956). Jahez therefore, has no religious or legal standing today in our culture.

UN WOMEN Pakistan started this beautiful campaign to bring about awareness and stop dowry culture, not because it is wrong, just because it is being practiced in a cruel way. If you can afford it,as a gift, why not? But if you cant, brutality in the name of Jahez is not an option.

We responded: “Larkon ka social status dekhna band karo”. KIUN BHAI??? Phir kia dekhain aap main? kal ko uss k bachon k baap aap nahi hon ge? Aap ne nahi ghar ka khayal rakhna? Agar nahi b rakhna, farz kia, tou kam az kam you should be qualified enough to take care of a person who is going to spend a lifetime with you (let it be materialistically or emotionally). I believe k aik baap apni beti ki shadi ka faisla karte huye ye zarur dekhta hai k beti ko wo sahooliaat milni chahiyen jo ghar pe naseeb hain, beti ko parhaya likhaya hai, achi parwarish ki hai, kisi lafangay k sath byahne k liye??


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