I was hesitant to make this post because some how I qualify as “Male”, “Punjabi”, “Sunni”, “Privileged” in the dictionary of a certain sort of people, who think I am not entitled to have any opinion on any subject matter involving any of the “oppressed” members of the society.

Whatever happened in Lahore is sure heart wrenching and disgusting but the information which is followed is even more disappointing.

A few facts about Lahore Minar e Pakistan Incident which are not generally known:

It was a fan meetup and it doesn’t qualify as a representative sample of the general population of Pakistan.

Being a content creator, you are solely responsible for what type of audience you attract! Your content defines your community and the mindset of that community and you can’t expect an intellectual and civilised discourse/behaviour from a bunch of vulgarity-inclined individuals, who would flood to a meetup just to see a glimpse of a girl who they would stare at on a tiktok screen the whole day. This is not all men, this is a specific pervert class and the content creator under discussion built this audience out of her content, which you all are welcomed to have a look at.

It was NOT 400 men. If you watch the video, it was some 8-12 men and out of those, more than half were actually helping her. She mentioned in her first interview with Dawn News that she was helped by a few people but the mod was huge and then she started crying in the Urdu point interview “400 main se aik b nai tha jo mard hota aur mujy bachata”. CONTRADICTION!

It was people from that same crowd who took her out of the park later and the video that went viral was made by her own friend’s mobile phone. The incident happened on 14th of August, and Ayesha posted tiktoks and a photo on insta captioned “Love pigeon ❤️” on 15th of August. Your female friends and acquaintances will better be able to tell you if this is a thing you are able to do or not right after such a trauma.

She filed an FIR which is against 400 “unnamed” men which is again a baseless claim to make and our journalists haven’t done even a small effort in investigating and reporting based on any facts. No efforts were made to dig into the situation by any media houses and everyone simply bought the version of her story without any neutral judgements. This is how an emotional card is played. Aisa topic uthao k koi sawaal uthanay k qabil hi na bachay. Trust me, she wasn’t smart enough and played some dumb moves jis waja se story unfold ho gai, any smart banda could’ve played without leaving even a single mark behind. This is how social meddling is done. This is how a society is downgraded in the eyes of its own members/inhabitants.

The disappointing aspect is that everyone is just spreading the news cursing our country without going into any details and forming their own judgement about the situation. She comes on camera and throws another dramatic emotional card “Pakistan ki beti honay ka ye sila hai kia?” when on her previous videos she is clearly found saying k talent kabhi haarta nahi hai ham aap ko surprise dene walay hain aik.

Lastly, she wasn’t doing any religious act, she wasn’t representing Islam. The people who followed her were not engaged in any religious or İslamic act tou phir saari gaalian Islam ko kiun di ja rahi hain? This is a serious question which we all should ask ourselves. This is defaming a religion and it’s true followers out of nothing.

It is not at all Men vs Women, it is Harassers vs all of us.

Khudara, don’t fail as a society. Thora sa rationally soch lia karain koi b khabar spread karne aur trend chalanay se pehle. Curse me for victim blaming or whatever, but I can clearly distinguish between a fake news and a true news because I am myself involved in this business of reputation management and image building. I’ve already said this and I’ll say again; The men who did this must be castrated and dealth with as per the law. But we as a nation should at least learn to be proactive instead of always being reactive. Khuda ham sab ko hidayat de.



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