I made a post on Facebook and I got very diverse responses from people upon my views regarding the Mine-e-Pakistan incident.

There are a few learnings I’d like to share with everyone. When we reflect, only then we can improve ourselves:


 Around 70-80% of the people thought whatever I am saying is true. Around 10-20% thought that I am partially correct and I am making a few mistakes in my judgment. The rest of 10-20% bashed me and a few even unfriended and blocked me.

2) There is a total of 8+ SOCIAL ISSUES which surfaced through this single incident. To name a few; Gender-based violence, sexual harassment, Public display of affection, misogyny, pervert attitude of males, legal protection system, propaganda, misinformation, and irresponsible consumption of news.

Obviously, one can’t cover all these topics via a single post, so my post was primarily discussing only one aspect which is “misinformation”. I also made some minor points that were derived from the aspects of Sexual Harassment, propaganda, legal protection system, and irresponsible consumption of news. All of these are grave issues but out of all the aspects I chose to talk about “misinformation” because all the anchors, all the actors, and all the vloggers couldn’t fulfill their responsibility when clearly it was their duty to spread “information” and not “misinformation”.

3) I made a mistake, which I’ll say was more of a syntax error. I wrote “Supposedly” oppressed, which is a wrong thing to state. I definitely shouldn’t have written that and I edited my post right away, as correction is the best apology.  Women are actually oppressed in our society when it comes to social empowerment. The word “supposedly” was supposed to be for the women who play the woman card and victim card.

4) While I respect everyone’s opinion and I am glad they all took out time to correct me and deemed me worthy of talking to you about this matter, I noticed a strange correlation. Almost all the people who were not aligned with my views belonged to a specific educational class and the difference of opinion of that class was the exact opposite of the whole rest of the society. That educational class emerges from only 2-3 Universities of Pakistan. They have a very practical understanding of life but their problem and their solutions are not the problems and solutions of the rest of society.

5) FOR THE RECORD: I am an advocate of women empowerment and Alhamdulillah I am demonstrating this through my life choices. Women empowerment is close to my heart because it is pivotal for the development of my home and my homeland both. It is important for me because women are equal human beings. It is important for me because my beautiful religion Islam tells me how important it is.

“Why didn’t I make any post in support of Ayesha Akram?”

Because my model of woman empowerment differs from that of some of my fellow humans. I can’t support the cause of making Ayesha Akram into another Qandeel Baloch. I can’t support the cause of diluting the meaning of gender equality disguising it for the LGBTQ gender spectrum. My model of women empowerment is strong businesswomen, strong activists, strong political workers, strong educationists, and on top of all, strong mothers. I define my role models According to the teachings of my religion. I can’t support a movement of “No limits” when it comes to freedom. I believe in “Freedom with discipline”.

6) CLARIFICATION: I firmly believe that all the harassers involved in the Mine-e-Pakistan incident should be castrated. (Which are clearly not 400, and I stand by my stance.) If I was there at Minar e Pakistan in the last rows somewhere and I couldn’t stop that from happening, doesn’t mean I didn’t want to stop it. There are ambush attitudes which individuals can’t often control. I’ve been thrown away during a protest which I was leading, I’ve been torn apart in a rally which was supposed to act as per my guidance. So yeah, everyone who is present is not responsible for what occurs at the moment. There’s a whole psychological case encircling “Diffusion of Responsibility” which is about an event when a woman was killed in front of 400 people in the USA, you are welcome to study that if you wish to.

7) Everyone who commits rape should be hanged publicly.

😎 Everyone molvi who is involved in adult acts in madrassas should be stoned publicly.

9) Every oppressed woman should be given justice regardless of her race, religion and what was she wearing.

It was very difficult for me to post on this sensitive topic because I knew some people will not receive it in the manner, I am delivering it. I was nervous, I was anxious, I had to take medicine to calm myself for all the hate I was receiving. But I wanted to highlight an important issue which everyone is constantly ignoring and I want to prevail the concept of “Mindful consumption of news”.

A few of my friends messaged me stating that I’ve changed their point of view and they were thankful for the post. Some messages were even surprising for me because the senders were not in any expected lists. :’)

If you still have any issues with my previous post, you are welcome to correct me. I am all ears for constructive criticism but I damn care about your cancel culture.


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