*This post may or may not relate to the motorway incident.*

We hear it often: If God loves us so much, why did he create this much pain?

The answer is simple but it is different for the two kinds of people who live on this planet. One is the kind who believes in the existence of a God, the other kind doesn’t.

Now if you believe in the existence of a God, you should know the rulings sent down by him, you should know that God doesn’t make any mistakes. You should also understand his system and you should also have a firm belief in the fact that this world is temporary for us. If you believe in God, you should know that this world is a test, it is not supposed to be perfect. You should know that pain will prevail and fighting that pain without losing your sense of justice is the goal for a human being.

I know there is pain, there is suffering. I know we are rotting in a worldly hell. We regularly witness incidents that tear us apart but let me tell you what we shouldn’t do in such situations:

a) We shouldn’t complain about and blame the whole system because, if it is bad, you’ve known good. If you can tell it is dark, it means you know what light is.

b) You shouldn’t question God and his system. Instead, you should ask for mercy and patience to go through this test.

c) You should do your best to find the culprit and cut it short. That is what your mission in life is. Ask God to help you in doing so.

If you don’t believe in God, no issues. You are the center of the Universe then. Humans did this wrong and humans will have to solve it. Why complain then?


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