“Silence in the times of moral crises is the biggest of sins” – So I decided to pen down my thoughts on “MERA JISM MERI MARZI”

The problem exists both in portrayal and comprehension. It is a marketing masterpiece and a branding blunder. When we make slogans, we highlight the core issue through a sentence and the words chosen to convey the feelings are chosen according to the intensity of most important word to the least important word.

Word “Marzi” is chosen to portray “Consent”, well in fact, the right word for Marzi in English is “Volition” And it is more of a rebellion freedom as opinionated. The right word for Consent in Urdu is “Raza Mandi” (رضامندی) which has a factor of permission.

Well the whole Pharse focuses more on the word “Jism” (جسم) as this word falls more intense in our cultural hierarchy. It is a very pivotal thing when it comes to marketing a thing, else I don’t think it would’ve been made this big, but the brand image and the true message to be conveyed remains limited in this manner.

The triggers are obvious amongst the opposite gender, since we are a triggered and fragile nation. And this prevails chaos at both the ends. The issue is intellectual and the tools being used are emotional. A rephrase can make a huge difference and that can only happen if the silent majority speaks up about this and become vocal because I am sure that majority has different point of views but majority is not bothered as of yet and is using the “riGhT to reMain siLent.”


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