To all my female friends, who are in an age where they’ll be looking forward to a lot of people to fit their life as a potential life partner, look out for these qualities in a man. A lot of my female friends are facing this issue so I thought of using a public platform to talk about this because this is not supposed to be taboo.

1: Bande main guts honay chahiyen, manly courage honi chahiye.. Mushkil situations se deal Karna Janta ho aur baron k saamne tameez tareekay se Apna point pesh Karna Janta ho.

2: Bande main growth aur thriving factor nazar aata ho, hamesha kisi na kisi tarha behtari aur growth ki koshish main laga ho. Vela bethne wala mard mard nahi hota bhai, wachha hota hai.. (Punjabis will know what I am talking about)

3: Ehtraam hona chahiye, lower staff ko treat karna aana chahiye, baron ki izzat karni aani chahiye aur kabhi kisi cheez pe takabur nahi hona chahiye.

4: Acha learner hona chahiye.. Reading se b learner ban sakta hai banda, achi documentaries dekhne se b aur ache newspaper ya articles parhne se b.. (You can also easily judge if he has ideals, mentors or a murshid in life where he constantly learn things from)

5: Tumhari aur uss ki religious values align karni chahiyen.. (Yes, Shadi aap ko khuda k qareeb karti hai, tou khuda k qareeb wahi kar sakta hai jis ka khuda aap wala ho aur khuda ko yaad karne ka tareeqa aap wala ho.)

6: Insecurity nahi honi chahiye. Jab khud competent ho ga tou phir bohat chances hain k insecure nahi ho ga.

7: Lowkey ho aur shokha na ho tou kia hi baat hai.

8: (Adding another point) Ache dost honay se b acha learner ho sakta hai insan, ye b zaroor judge karain.

You choose your partner yourself or your parents do this for you, make sure to have these conditions and assess these conditions according to the best of your means. Baqi sab ho jata hai ghar gaari paisa, agar ye sab b ho.. Don’t shy away from a starter, if you join him now and make him great with him, he’ll admire you for this for the rest of your life and you’ll have a taste of a beautiful feeling called “growing together”.


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