If something is bad and everyone knows it is bad, still no one can stop it, then who is at fault?

Let me give you an example. Paying own at the purchase of the car is a bad thing. People say it is bad, showroom owners think it is bad, the authorities think it is bad, but it still exists. Do you know why? It is because the target audience wants it, the market it screaming for the car and people are willing to pay the premium amount to get that car.

The same goes for Tiktok. Good or bad, that is debatable. But the content creators will create what the target audience will scream for. Immoral content? Sexuality? The creators will create what the audiences will react to and pay attention to.

Is banning the platform a solution? Absolutely not!

It is just like blocking the nozzle of a pressure cooker and hoping that the pressure will go away (instead of turning the stove off), The result is definitely going to be a blast because the pressure has to come out one way or another.

Pabandian lagane se bachay sudhar nahi jatay, balke kardaarsaazi karne se sudharte hain.. Aur kardaarsaazi thora mushkil kaam hota hai ya shayed hamain karna hi nahi aata, is liye ban karne jaise asaan kaam pe iktefa kia jata hai..


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