After looking at numerous posts on social media, I thought about my year. What clicked my mind was, “Talha, you haven’t really done anything this year”.

This year was a failure. Started off with a failure of launching NewsOxide (A news aggregator we started working on in april 2019). Then we made a team for the Re-branding and Re-Launch of our company – SHOR, but we failed there as well. Covid hit hard and everything was misplaced, we faced numerous issues in settlement and communication, which were off-setting for us – young entrepreneurs who were in their budding stage. I had to go through an emotional imbalance during the latter half of the year. I had some clashes with some close friends as well. Also, started a social organization which didn’t prove to be a good idea, instead, we came up with something which is close to my heart now – The Safe Space Project. After carefully thinking about these experiences, I came to a conclusion.

I learned that everything cannot be in my control. This is a valuable lesson for me. I learned that the results are not promised to me. I am just asked to work hard and leave the results for the almighty to decide. The lesson of Tawakkul is vast, but I learned a tiny bit of it. This allowed me to start working on two of my dream projects, which I might not get any returns from, but I’ll always keep putting in small efforts to make them grow (not any non-profit organization, but something not practical and viable for my age). I got to explore the world outside Pakistan after around 9-10 years, and that was a pleasant experience. I was fortunate enough to get close supervision from some mentors this year and got introduced to someone who strengthened me and my beliefs. I got covid positive, I went through a pandemic and survived it. The end of the year brought some good news to life and some hopeful encounters with which I am starting off my new year inshaAllah.

This year was not a happening year like 2017, or a year of beginnings like 2018, or a year of utmost learning like 2019, but this year was definitely worthwhile. Let’s see how 2021 gets treated by me  :’)

(This note was supposed to go to my personal notes, but it is out here as a public declaration of strength and vulnerability) Happy New Year guys :’)


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