I say this with a strong belief that a person always has the power to make the choice of decisions of his/her destiny.

I am optimistic about the changing days and years and I am hopeful that this new year brings us prosperity, faith, action, and enough motivation to act upon our dreams. (band aankhon ke khawab nahi, khuli aankhon k khawab)

But, is this the only new year in our lives? Alhamdulillah, we are blessed to be able to wake up every single day to see beautiful morning lights. We open our eyes after sleeping for a good 8 hours, during which our soul leaves our body, goes up in the skies, and comes back to us, everything on time. This is a blessing and this is where we need to realize that the “Time is Now”, the right point is here and the “Life-Changing Moment” is always in our own hands. Our present is where we live. We don’t need to work on our future, we just need to work on our present and make it the best version of itself, the future will follow after.


Haal badalna chahiye, saal tou badalte rehte hain


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