There’s a difference between Religion and Religious superstition. Chomsky sahab ne theek baat ki hai, lekin hamare “Azaad” Media outlets ko moqa mil gya hai usay mold Kar k propagate karne ka.

Remember that scientific research is a part of our beautiful religion, advancements in culture and technology are a part of our faith, and learning ethics and moralities is a must for us Muslims.

Islam is not merely a Mazhab (Religion), it’s a Deen (Way of Life). It has a complete code for political and economic systems. It has everything that is needed for a society to progress. If we are not able to learn it or practice it in such a manner, that doesn’t mean the complete code is wrong. We must not propagate any messages in a manner to demean or devalue our own religion, instead we should look out for way to learn it better and promote it.


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