The meaning of AZAADI:

1) If you choose to study the subjects of your choice, despite the parental and societal pressures, it is Azaadi.

2) If you know exactly WHY you choose what you choose, and your reasons are justified by your intuition, that is Azaadi.

3) If you are confident enough to do anything you want in life and you are not unnecessarily afraid of taking risks, that is Azaadi.

4) If you know exactly what type of people you want in life, and you are not shy of cutting out the rest of the people to prevent toxicity in your environment, that is Azaadi.

5) If you learn things and study for your own satisfaction, and not for getting grades or seeking jobs, that is Azaadi.

Azaadi is inside you, it is not in the outside world!

Allah ham sab ko Azaadi de

 Azaadi Mubarik


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