Islam gives every right to women and it’s perfect.

You’re right, give them their rights now.

1)Get them a different house because it’s not your wife’s duty to take care of your whole family.

2)Pay them for breastfeeding and complete your child’s full expenses even after divorce.

3)Prophet said, ‘Education is compulsory for every Muslim not only men, so let all women study properly.

4)Both men and women have the right to choose their own spouse so don’t kill your sisters, daughters, in the name of honor if she falls in love.

5)If your wife earns, you have no right over her money, but if you’re earning you’ve to fulfill the needs of the whole family, and if you fail to do so, you will lose your authority.

6)Since dowry is strictly forbidden, keep your heavy demands to yourselves and get furniture and everything on your own.

7)Your wife can ask for anything in Haq Meher, obey her.

8) clause 17 of nikkah gives the right to the woman to write anything in it, let her do that instead of cutting out the whole part.

9) clause 18 gives the right to the woman to take Talaq e Tafweez, which means she can take divorce without losing her Haq Meher and involving legal activities, let her do that instead of cutting out the whole part.

10) clause 21 says that a man can’t marry another woman while already being married.

Let her have her right to ask for this instead of cutting out the whole part.

11)You are not allowed to hit your wife under any circumstances.

If she does something big, talk to her politely, if she does it again, separate your bed, if she does it again, tap her with a miswak.

12)Fulfil your wife’s personal needs and desires.

13)If you have more than one wife, treat them all fairly, you can’t leave any one of them alone.

14)Holy Prophet was kind to all of his wives.

During menstruation, he would ask his wives to lay down and rest.

Let your wives have rest too instead of forcing them to do housework during menses.

He appreciated that girls like to have fun, he would let Hazrat Aishah watch games that Abyssinians used to play because she liked watching them.

Let your wives have fun too.

15)You can not force your wife to have intercourse with you if she’s on her periods, or sick, or fasting.

If she is uncomfortable in the beginning, you have to give her time and make sure you make her feel comfortable instead of forcing her.

16)Ask your wife’s opinion on everything since Holy Prophet would do the same.

17)You can not look at any woman with the wrong intentions or bring her home, if you do so, you will be answerable to your wife.

18)Treat your wife well, with honor, respect, and do not verbally abuse her because Holy Prophet has strictly told every Muslim man and woman not to verbally abuse your spouse.

19)Since smoking, watching porn, wearing indecent dresses are prohibited for every Muslim, stop doing it too instead of judging girls for doing it and slut-shaming them for it.

There’s nowhere written that a man can do all of this and women can’t.

20)Qur’an addresses men first to lower their gaze when a woman is walking, even if she hasn’t done hijab.

Holy Prophet said, ‘Be chaste yourselves and women will be chaste as well.

This point was again illustrated when the Prophet rode with his companion Al Fadl bin Abbas. A woman described as strikingly beautiful approached the Prophet to seek his guidance on some religious matters. Al Fadl began to stare at her because of her beauty.

Noting this, the Prophet Muhammad did not scold the woman for dressing immodestly or revealing her beauty. Instead, he “reached his hand backward, catching Al Fadl’s chin, and turned his face to the other side so that he would not gaze at her”. Thus, the Prophet Muhammad once more established that the primary burden to observe hijab rests on men.

When you’re ready to do all of this, then think about correcting women rather than making Khalil-ur-Rehman (disgusting human) your hero.


-Hafsah Khan Ghauri


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