If I were in a leading role in Israel Right now, I would be laughing at this delegation of Foreign Ministers being sent to the UN for Ceasefire. I would know I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, wherever I want. I wouldn’t care about the world leaders as they are already with me. And after all that what opposition would I get? A delegation sent to request a ceasefire and led by a country that could not resolve their own disputed territory for the last 70 years? would also send another rocket while thinking this.

Why do you think this disparity is so visible?

There is a Brand and then there is a sticker brand. The difference between both is that the latter doesn’t truly believe in what they say (Qoul o Fel main Tazaad Hona). They pose to be one but deep inside they never want to be that. Likewise, there is an Islamic State and then there is Pakistan which poses to be one but never has truly been and never wants to be the one.

PS: When I say sticker, It means Adding Islamic Republic Sticker Before Pakistan and then not being the Islamic Republic. Adding Some Laws in the Constitution that seem Islamic and then never following it.

We are nothing but a confused nation stuck in Islamic Sticker.

Do you think I am being hopeless here? No! I am being a realist here. We’ll accept what our mistake is, we’ll accept what our generations did wrong and then we’ll prepare for what we have to do to make things right. That is only how it works.


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