You’ll ask questions and you’ll get answers. Make sure you have three compasses set before exploring difficult areas.

Moral Compass

The north star, which usually is the religious or spiritual guidance for us. None of us is capable enough to explore all the aspects of life and exactly define right and wrong for ourselves in all areas of life. We all need a pre-established set of rules to follow for some complex things to unfold.

Social Compass

There are a few goods and a few bad things about the place where we live in. Make sure you don’t leave the good things while getting intrigued by the bad ones.

Personal Compass

There are certain realities attached to your being, for example, your gender. Make sure you don’t have to disobey your own natural self while exploring answers to any of your questions.

Lastly, I always say that we need mentors in life, and by mentors, I never mean some old fellows who’ve spent their whole life and now are only left with the little energy to speak about things only. By mentors, I mean some slightly more experienced people who like to explore this world in a way you look at it. They can be really helpful along your journey.


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