Mera Jism Meri Marzi

“Silence in the times of moral crises is the biggest of sins” – So I decided to pen down my thoughts on “MERA JISM MERI MARZI” The problem exists both

Amazon Selling

I am seeing that media and people are excited for “Pakistan getting listed among Amazon Sellers”. Not to disappoint anyone, but I believe we all are a bit overexcited about

Daraz Online Shopping

Dear Daraz Online Shopping! We love you as our indigenous shopping platform. We all want your identity to be solid, unique, and upfront. Hamare brands strong hon ge tou hamara

The Selling Concept

When Ford started making cars, the world operated on the “Production Concept”. The more you can produce, the more you can earn money. Because cars took longer to get manufactured,

De-branding Totkay

De-branding totkay 1) Ramazan shuru honay se pehle aik achi si “Ramazan Mubarik” ki tasveer download karain. Canva ya kisi b mobile app pe jayen aur neeche konay main apna

Israel Situation

If I were in a leading role in Israel Right now, I would be laughing at this delegation of Foreign Ministers being sent to the UN for Ceasefire. I would


I made a post on Facebook and I got very diverse responses from people upon my views regarding the Mine-e-Pakistan incident. There are a few learnings I’d like to share

Daraz rebranding story

This Daraz rebranding story is a message for all the local businesses who are impressed by foreign digital and branding companies for no reason.Pakistan has good strategists and brand builders

Suspension Of Tiktok

If something is bad and everyone knows it is bad, still no one can stop it, then who is at fault? Let me give you an example. Paying own at


This is a problem in two parts and since it’s being discussed a lot, I would like to extend my thoughts on the topic. Part 1  Our educational system provides

The Three Compasses for your questions

You’ll ask questions and you’ll get answers. Make sure you have three compasses set before exploring difficult areas. Moral Compass The north star, which usually is the religious or spiritual


The meaning of AZAADI: 1) If you choose to study the subjects of your choice, despite the parental and societal pressures, it is Azaadi. 2) If you know exactly WHY


Public Display of Affection (PDA): #AirBlue couple kissing on flight incident is just like many other occasions when our intellectuals and activists are divided into two groups. One in support

Be grateful if your company is still up and running

If your company is still operating, be very grateful! WHY? 1. Victoria’s Secret declared bankruptcy. 2. Zara closed 1,200 stores. 3. La Chapelle withdrew 4391 stores. 4. Chanel is discontinued.


I was hesitant to make this post because some how I qualify as “Male”, “Punjabi”, “Sunni”, “Privileged” in the dictionary of a certain sort of people, who think I am

Islam has granted Muslims rights

Islam gives every right to women and it’s perfect. You’re right, give them their rights now. 1)Get them a different house because it’s not your wife’s duty to take care

The year 2021 will begin

After looking at numerous posts on social media, I thought about my year. What clicked my mind was, “Talha, you haven’t really done anything this year”. This year was a

Lahore Incident

*This post may or may not relate to the motorway incident.* We hear it often: If God loves us so much, why did he create this much pain? The answer


To all my female friends, who are in an age where they’ll be looking forward to a lot of people to fit their life as a potential life partner, look

Jahez Khori Band Karo

 A beautiful campaign against dowry, raised by UN Women Pakistan. But Pakistanis have an amazing habit of destroying every beautiful thing and reducing its essence. Recently, I came across a

Student March

° I don’t get to learn a single thing from my education system. I have to waste a good amount of time daily on the things which are useless for

Justice For Halima

The students are coming out once again! •The resignation of the rector was announced but no official notification or press release is public till now. • Haleema is being falsely